Dr. Heleen Robins

Payment Related FAQS

Frequently asked payment questions:

https://chateau-lafite-monteil.com/22565-viagra-usa.html label If I receive an invoice, how do I pay it?

To pay your invoiced amount, either send a check to Dr. Robins’ office address, or call (310)821-0320 to make a credit card payment over the phone. You may also pay for any invoice, at any time during your visit.

lincomycin injection price What does the provider/non-provider designation of the Doctor really mean?

If the doctor is a provider, (for instance for Medicare or current Senior HMO patients), that means she has agreed with the fee the insurance sets. She discounts her remaining fee.

http://headhugr.com/19225-isentress-cost.html detail Why would Doctor Robins be a non-Provider and still bill my insurance?

Because your health insurance usually still pays for part of your visit.

restasis eye drops price I pay a lot for premiums. Why do I still get a bill?

Part of the fee (35% of the doctor’s income) consists of your copayment and/or share of cost and/or deductible. We bill you for copayments up front and for the balance afterwards.

amitriptyline uk weigh Why do I have to pay anything up front?

Insurance companies encourage us to ask for your copayment and sometimes, your share of cost up front.

safe buy Clomiphene online canada What do I do if I think there is a mistake on my invoice?

If we made a mistake we will fix it. Just call us and leave a message. We will call you back. If you need administrative help understanding your insurance, check with your insurance broker or human resources department at your place of employment.

http://chipmatic.com/faq/ What if my insurance won’t pay?

If you are a member of our e-medicine club, we will help with disputes and refiling claims. Otherwise, you will have to pay according to our cash fee schedule (on FEE SCHEDULE page).

What if the lab or x-ray facility claims the insurance did not pay because “the doctor used the wrong code, or the test is not necessary”?

You can let us know, and if we made a mistake we will fix it. If  your insurance claims your problem does not warrant lab or x-ray, there is usually not much we can do. For expensive x ray tests such as MRI, the facility itself usually tries to get pre-approval for your tests. Just because a health insurance denies your test, does not mean it was not necessary. You can bet whoever decides on your claims payment did not go to Medical School. The doctor also uses her expertise to avoid ordering unnecessary tests, which may damage your health as well.