Dr. Heleen Robins

Fee Schedule and Insurance Information

where can i buy Dilantin no prescription Dr. Robins is a provider for the following PPO insurances:

Blue Shield

Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Cross and Blue Cross/Blue Shield

United healthcare


Medicare (but not Medicare/Medical unless enrolled in Senior HMO below)


my latest blog post She accepts new senior patients for the following Senior HMO’s:

Scan: they take Medicare/Medical patients.

AARP/UHC Medicare Advantage plans (formerly Secure Horizons)

Blue Shield 65+


Cash fee schedule July 2014:

Visit less than 15 minutes: $100

Visit 15- 30 minutes:          $150

Visit 30-45 minutes:           $200

“Routine” checkups and physical exams for work, sports, school, driving are also priced by time as shown above.

Plastic surgery pre-operative clearance including EKG if indicated: $200.

Ask about specific fees for form completion, chart and lab copies.

If you have insurance, please provide us with that information. Bring your insurance  card (if copy: front and back) and ID to the visit.

If Doctor is a no longer a provider for your insurance, we will give you paperwork to send to insurance, any payments go directly to you.

All physical prices are excluding labs and x-rays.

Even if Doctor Robins is not a provider, the Lab may be a provider. You will have to check with the lab.

Also the  x-ray facility may be a provider. You will have to check with them.