Dr. Heleen Robins


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Why emphasize modern medicine? We live in an era with enormous scientific knowledge about health and an unprecedented number of  x-rays, scans and lab tests. Constant publicity about healthcare brings the latest news about medicines and health delivery systems.  I feel it is your doctor’s job to help you figure out the right tools for your health and to avoid unproven, dangerous or useless remedies for your problems.

As a practicing physician, I utilize e-mail and telephone appointments,  along with face-to-face visits to improve and streamline our communications.I give patients access to my cell phone 24/7 under certain circumstances.

this … With Old-Fashioned Care

We get to know you personally.

I get to know you personally and give your health issues the proper one-on-one attention. My goal is to provide efficient care for your urgent problems, to help you avoid crowded emergency rooms and urgent care clinics where no one knows you or your medical history. My patients recognize my passion for their health. Some of my patients have been seeing me for over 25 years. I now have patients whose children are my patients as well. As you physician I will treat your health issues and help you navigate the healthcare system with care.

Making an appointment is easy.

For an appointment, call (310) 821-0320 or go to  zocdoc.com and click the Appointment button. My schedule will appear. (Sorry, Zocdoc link is out until after Thanksgiving weekend)

(310) 577 2319 is the hot-line for same day medically urgent appointments.

Wishing you the best of health.

Heleen Robins, M.D.